Winery visit and wine tasting in Ikaria

Wine tasting and wine course in Icaria

According to Homer the god Dionysus was born in Ikaria near Drakanos and he gave red wine as a present to the locals. The Icarian Wine was the famous wine of antiquity, mentioned in the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" of Homer. He stated that the strong Pramneios red wine gave power to the soldiers before going to battle. 


Wine is consumed on a daily basis on the island and many consider it one of the key elements to live a long healthy life. It is common in Ikaria for every family producing their own wine, which is proudly served for guest during their visit. Many of the islanders still use the traditional way of wine-making using underground wine jars


Discover Ikaria Team offers both winery visits and wine courses. During the winery visit we will visit a family-run winery in a beautiful location surrounded by green mountains and with a view of the sea. This scenery creates a peaceful and relaxing environment for visitors who will get an introduction to traditional equipments of winemaking (underground wine jars, pressing basin) and taste local varieties such as the white Begleri and the red Fokiano accompanied by some snacks.  


Those who would like to attain a more thorough knowledge of wines and wine-making we offer a 6-day wine course (4 hours/day) led by a local sommelier who is ready to share his enthusiasm and knowledge about wine with visitors. During this course you will learn about varieties and styles of wine and the grapes used in them. You will learn step-by-step how to taste wine and you will taste 60-70 different wines by the end of the course. 



  • Please note that minimum number of 7 people is required for the wine course.

  • The wine course is ideal for beginners.

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