Who we are

Discover Ikaria team consists of young people who share their love for nature, the island and its culture. In our colourful group one can find mountain guides, beekeepers, herb collectors, wine makers, bakers, teachers, massage therapists, organic gardeners and many more, all of whose enthusiasm brought the Discover Ikaria project to life.


Our goal


We wish to present the unique natural beauties and culture of Ikaria to those who seek special experience during their travels. We invite you to explore this particular destination with us through a variety of activities so that you have the chance to discover the human geography and the environmental richness of the island yourself. 

Discover Ikaria Team organizes activities in Ikaria
Love Ikaria



Our project is based on environmentally friendly activities, which highlight the natural beauties of Ikaria without disturbing them. The philosophy of the programs is characterized by our love for the nature and our quest to find uniqueness. We wish to maximize the positive benefits tourism can deliver to the island whilst minimizing the impact of any potentially damaging social, cultural or environmental consequences.

What we offer


The idea of Discover Ikaria project is based on alternative activities which make it possible for visitors to get an insight into one of the most mythical islands of the world. The secret of Ikaria lies in its authentic character: a mixture of primeval natural landscape and the traditional way of life of its inhabitants. Come and let us be your guide on the Island where you can hike in the ancient oak forest of Randi, chill out on sandy and pebble covered beaches, get rejuvenated at the thermal springs, enjoy the strong pramnios wine and the healthy dishes of Ikarian and Greek cuisine!

Painted stone with Ikaria