Visiting ancient thermal spas

Ikaria is rich in waters: the surrounding Aegean Sea, mountain rivers, lakes and thermal water coming from below. The thermal springs are located mainly on the south-east part of the island. These springs are well-known since antiquity and they belong to the category of radioactive springs. The unique therapeutic quality of their water makes Ikaria desired by many who seek its healing properties. 


All spas in Ikaria are listed according to their temperatures as middle-temperatured (35-50 °C) and over-temperatured (>50 °C) when relating to their chemical structure in radioactive sodium-chloride springs. The waters of Ikaria are recommended for arthrosis and bone disorders, nervous complaints, gynecological disorders, endocrinological disorders, rheumatism, and arthritis. At this point, it is necessary to point out that the use of „water” is considered to be supplementary to other medical and, when taking the „waters” as part of a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being.


Visitors are welcome to enjoy hydrotherapy and hydro massage in the ancient spa of Therma both inside and outside. But this is not the only place which one can visit. Thermal water springs can be found further on the south shore by rocky beaches where the hot water mixed by the cooling sea water creates a truly magical experience.   

Source: Greek National Tourist Organization

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