Slow tourism: they way of experiencing forgotten places

Slow tourism is the way of travelling with attention to detail, that is, travelling through the less-frequented routes, along which the soul of places and cultures emerge in an authentic away - felt and not rushed - without compromising the standardisation of tourism offers.

This kind of tourism is becoming even more widespread, with many seeking relaxation, contact with nature, and a style of life that transcends the hectic way of everyday life. This is the kind of tourism that provides real and meaningful connections with people, places, culture, food, heritage, and the environment. It also means that slow travellers tend to have a more intense destination experience than regular tourist.

Here at Discover Ikaria we believe that slowing down during your holiday is the right way to explore and understand the island and enjoy all that it can provide. Cutting back on speed will give you a rich travel experience and a holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.


On the remote island of Ikaria the word fast is pretty much unknown. Here we say siga-siga (σιγα σιγα), which means slowly-slowly. This is the way things happen, everything is done in the right speed without no rush.


What are the advantages of slow tourism?


  • rich travel experience

  • living at the destination instead of just staying there

  • focuses on quality instead of quantity

  • better understanding of the location, the landscape

  • closer connection with the locals

  • eating local food

  • you can support local communities by purchasing souvenirs and local products from them

  • more relaxed holiday, a real escape from the rush of everyday life

Of course you want to visit as many locations as you can during your holidays but speed destroys the connection with the landscape, the environment and with the people. You miss the details, the core, some might even feel that they didn't even have a vacation. That is because they have been rushing during the whole time. 


Discover Ikaria creates programs that let you relax, yet make you active and open-minded for the things that are around you and are worth discovering. Our programs are designed in a way that you have an understanding of Ikaria, its landscape, its people and their way of thinking and living.     


We walk the less frequent trails, during the excursions our local guides tell you about the history, the inhabitants, the flora and the fauna of the island and many more. You will meet locals when visiting farmers, local stores with handicrafts, and small taverns in order to enjoy the connection with the local community. 


We prepare dishes from local produce thus contributing to the life of the local community and experiencing authentic flavours ourselves. We take care of our environment and don’t leave marks of our passage.


Be part of the slow-traveller movement and create your holiday of a lifetime!