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Are you planning to go on active holidays in Greece where you wish to have a truly authentic experience? We invite you to the remote island of Icarus on the Aegean Sea where you can be part of a unique adventure and enjoy a tailor-made holiday just the way you want it.

Ikaria is the ultimate destination for travelers who seek adventure and uniqueness, enjoy slow food, care about their nature and the environment and want to learn about the local culture during their holidays.

This versatile island offers many possibilities for nature lovers, food and beach lovers and also for those who want to discover hidden places and are ready for an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ikaria is a place where you can enjoy and participate in various activities throughout the whole year.

The months of spring are perfect for hiking up in the mountains, visit waterfalls, walk by rivers and discover traditional old stone houses. At this time of year fresh water is plentiful on the island but most of the rivers dry out by the middle of summer. Foraging and learning about greens and photographing the awakening of nature are among the other things that you shouldn't miss in spring.

Needless to say summer is the period where you can enjoy and should visit the beaches of Ikaria. Rent a surf board or join surfing or sup lesson and ride the waves of the Aegean! You can also discover the rugged coastline of Ikaria by boat with stopovers at various isolated beaches of the island. If you love Greek cuisine book your place now for a cooking lesson where we prepare various dishes from local ingredients since vegetables and fruits are abundant during this time of year. Another thing to do when in Ikaria during summer is to go to a village feast or a 'panigiri' as the locals call it. You can listen to Greek traditional live music, have a wonderful time among the Ikarians and enjoy local dishes and wine. Dancing the Ikariotikos, the traditional dance of Ikaria is a must!

Autumn is ideal for exploring the island on bicycle or on a horseback. The weather is still very pleasant during September and October and favours those who enjoy outdoor activities which can be done without the heaviness caused by the summer heat. The beginning of autumn is also the time of grape harvest. You have the possibility to give a helping hand with the harvest and then kick off your shoes and start pressing the grapes that you have just picked in a traditional stone basin with your feet which is a lot of fun! Harvesting couldn't be complete without tasting the actual final product of course. You can appreciate the flavours of local wine varieties at friendly family-owned wineries that preserve the traditional methods of wine-making.

Ikaria has interesting activities to offer even during winter: the end of the year is the time to harvest the special honey of Ikaria the 'anamatomelo'. This type of honey has a thick consistency and is produced by the autumn heather ('reiki'). Today it is famous internationally for its beneficial properties that give longevity. Join Ikarian beekeepers during the harvest and witness the work of the bees and the extraction of honey at first hand! It might seem tricky to enjoy a bath outdoors during the winter yet it is possible in Ikaria. If you are up for a little adventure you can have a bath right at the seaside where thermal water flows into the sea creating a one-of-a-kind bathing experience outdoors. Alternatively you can always visit the famous thermal spas with beneficial health properties and enjoy sitting in a hammam or in a hydro-massage pool!

Check out all our activities below!

Ikaria activities and programs - Discover Ikaria

Your trip is completely custom-made, we create a holiday plan for you that fits your needs. Tell us which activities interest you! Do you want to try and learn something different every day during your vacations? No problem! Would you rather prefer having a more relaxed pace? Consider it to be done! We keep our programs completely flexible so they suit you perfectly.

Start planning your tailor-made holiday in Ikaria now!

Ikaria holidays - Tailor-made programs with alternative activities in Ikaria

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