Ikaria beaches: a guide for your vacations in Ikaria

Did you know that there are more than 30 beaches on Ikaria that you can visit? There is practically a beach for everyone where one can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea whether you are with friends, family or alone, if you prefer a busy beach life or looking for privacy and full relaxation.

Ikaria Beaches - Messakti Beach - Holidays in Ikaria

Studies have shown that spending time on the beach and being by the sea improves mental health. It not only reduces depression, but relieves stress and boosts creativity. People tend to calm down and become more relaxed only by taking a walk on a sandy beach whether they are alone or with company. Looking at the sea makes us realize the power of nature and how tiny we are. It might give us a different perspective to look at our everyday problems and clear our brain to find our way. So we advise you to leave the anti-depressants behind and book a trip to the seaside instead!

Ikaria Island has more than 30 beautiful beaches so no matter at which part of the island you are staying at, it is pretty sure there is a beach nearby your place. You just have to keep your eyes open or even better, ask the locals for advice!

Here are our tips for you about some of beaches of Ikaria that you might want to visit during your holiday. Look at it as an appetizer - or ‘meze’ in Greek! :)

Surf lovers

Ikaria is famous for its strong winds that easily reach the island through the open sea from the north and northwest. In ancient times Ikaria was known by many names and one of them was Anemoessa (Ανεμόεσσα) – with a good reason - which implies to its aggressive winds. While these winds might make the islanders' lives difficult and challenging occasionally, it also benefits others, namely the wave lovers: the surfers.

So where do you go surfing in Ikaria? To the northwest side of course which is totally exposed to the power of the wind. Messakti Beach near Armenistis village is the ideal place to ride the wild waves of the Aegean Sea.

New to surfing or you simply want to improve your skills? Check out the possibilities for surfing and paddleboarding lessons in Ikaria!

Messakti Beach has various facilities nearby including a beach bar where a wide variety of refreshments and snacks are offered from late June until the end of August.

Ikaria holidays - Surfing and paddleboarding in Ikaria

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Family lovers

Are you looking for a beach where you can relax while your kids can play safely and have fun? Visit the long, sandy beaches on the north side of Ikaria which are close to amenities and the village of Armenistis and Gialiskari are only 5 minutes away on foot! Both Messakti and Livadi beach are very popular with families since they are covered with soft sand and have shallow waters where children can play safely when the water is calm. There are several snack bars where you can find something to eat and drink and you can have a cooling shower right on the beach after a good swim. Furthermore you have the possibility to take part in surfing and sup lessons or rent equipments for surfing, snorkelling and more.

Ikaria holidays - Family vacation - Messakti Beach - Ikaria Beaches

Hidden beauty lovers

Do you enjoy privacy and beautiful nature? Then we have the perfect place for you! Seychelles beach is located on the south shore of Ikaria close to the village of Magganitis by the feet of the mountains. The beach earned its name by the turquoise colour of the water which might remind you of the Seychelles islands on the Indian Ocean. This beach is completely isolated and cannot be seen from the main road which makes it even more special and calls for a challenge. It can only be reached by foot after a 10-minute walk downhill on a rocky path or by a small boat from Magganitis.

The pebble-covered beach offers little shadow so make sure you visit in the morning or late afternoon or alternatively take a parasol with you. Also there are no facilities nearby whatsoever so taking drinking water and some food with you is a must.

Seychelles Beach Ikaria - Guided tours in Ikaria

Sunset lovers

Hidden at the foot of the mountains on the northwest of Ikaria, Nas beach offers a wonderful bathing experience. You can get to the beach after a 3-minute walk downhill and find yourself surrounded by magnificent rock formations. Chalaris River flows to the sea right here but there is only little water during high season. It also serves as an ideal finishing point after a hike through the canyon of Chalaris. There are several restaurants located on the hillside up from the beach where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and traditional dishes. Make sure to visit during late afternoon hours and witness the most beautiful sunsets of Ikaria. In case of strong north wind water tends to be rough with strong currents so make sure you pay attention to the warning signs and avoid swimming close to the rocks on the edges.

Nas beach Ikaria Island - Tailor-made tours

Uniqueness lovers

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, visit the natural hot springs located right by the seaside on the south shore of Ikaria only 3 kilometres away from the capital Agios Kyrikos. The island is very rich in thermal waters which are known by the locals for their healing properties since antiquity. You can visit the village of Therma where you can find organized thermal spas which are open all year round with hammam and hydro massage.

However if you like adventure and don't mind a little bit of walking we recommend you to visit Lefkada beach where the natural thermal spring flows right into the sea creating a magnificent experience. The beach lies right down from the main road and can be reached by a small trail followed by a little bit of climbing through some rocks until you get to a point where you can see the sea water steaming and the rocks in the water that are turned yellow. Make yourself comfortable in the natural water pools and enjoy the mixture of hot thermal water and cooling sea water.

Thermal spring Ikaria - Lefkada Beach Ikaria

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