Winery tour in Ikaria - A must do!

Life is too short to drink bad wine. So why would you do that? Give yourself a treat by sipping Icarian wine combined with a tour at a local family-run winery in Ikaria!

The wine cellar of Afianes Winery in Ikaria

Ikaria is traditionally famous for its strong red wine called Pramneios which is said to be the wine of the antiquity mentioned in the Iliad and Odessey of Homer. He claimed that the wine of the island held unique qualities and soldiers used to drink it before going for battle.

Another mystery that is related with the wine of Ikaria is the myth of God Dionysus, the God of Wine, one of the 12 gods of Mount Olympus. According to the myth Dionysus was born and raised in Ikaria around the area of Drakano and when he decided to leave the island he gave the wine as a gift to its people. Thank you!!!!!!!! :)

Needless to say, Icarians are truly grateful for this precious gift so much so that wine is served on a daily basis at family tables, friends' get-togethers and local festivals with live music and dancing called panigiria.

Afianes Winery Ikaria - Wine tasting and wine tour

The best way to discover the wines, the grape varieties and the wine-making traditions of Ikaria is by taking a wine tour around a local winery. Discover Ikaria offers wine tours to smaller and bigger groups throughout the whole year. Located in a beautiful environment in the village of Profitis Ilias the winery offers relaxation, learning and a special treat for the tasting buds.

Cultural events are also hosted at the winery during the months of spring, summer and autumn such as evenings with live music.

The pleasant tour includes a walk around the winery, a visit to the small museum where various equipments of traditional wine-making are displayed, a visit to the wine cellar and the wine tasting itself of course. Visitors get to choose between fresh and cellar wines which can be accompanied by Icarian traditional appetizers upon request.

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