Discovering tradition: the wood bakery in Christos

Nothing can be compared to the taste and the scent of fresh home-made bread. In today's post we are going to travel back in time and discover the secrets of traditional bread-making at the wood bakery of Christos with owner and baker Dimitra.

When entering the wood bakery (ksylofournos) in Christos the scent of freshly made bread fills the air, the scent that hasn't changed a bit since the first time bread was baked in the very same oven. All you can think of is to have a crunchy bite of basically whatever that is made there :)

When I ask Dimitra, the cheerful baker lady who runs the place about the history of the bakery, her face lights up even more than general and she starts telling the tale vividly. Like so often, the history of the bakery started when another part of the Greek history ended. After the Greco-Turkish war many left Turkey to start a new life in Greece, The parents of Dimitra's husband came to Ikaria during these years from Smyrna and decided to open the first bakery in the area of Rahes in 1935. Back in the days people were poor, they made their own bread at home so starting up the new business was not easy. Slowly-slowly the situation started to improve and more people were needed to make bread by the traditional family recipe which has been used ever since without any change. It remains one of the best bakeries in Ikaria that's always worth a visit.

The bakery is famous for the honesty box that was placed in the shop for payments. Cash registers didn't exist in the stores until a couple of years ago, so fresh bread was simply displayed on the counter which customers could take leaving the money behind. A very nice tradition, don't you think?

Today the bakery is run by Dimitra who took over the business about 15 years ago and she provides freshly baked goods for the area of Rahes 6 days a week with her son, Stavros who joined her a couple of years ago.

Breads of all shapes and sizes are made from white flour, whole-wheat flour and also with natural leaven. Koulourakia covered in sesame seeds and tiropsomo (cheese bread) are a must try! Paximadi (Greek rusk) is one of the most popular products especially among the elderly which can be stored for a long time. Sweet pastries can also be found on the shelves these days with the flavour of cinnamon, orange, lemon zest and cocoa.

Dimitra's dream is to sell her products all around Ikaria and widening the product range is also among her plans. We wish her luck and truly hope that her love will get to many people through her products.

Don't miss out on this bakery when you are in Rahes! :)

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