Mushroom hunt in Ikaria during autumn

The rains of autumn and early winter create the perfect environment for mushrooms to grow. Mushroom hunt is a nice outdoor activity which is usually followed by creating various tasty dishes from these delicacies.

Our local guides have been active in Ikaria since 2006 so they have a thorough experience in Ikarian forests which host a vast variety of edible mushrooms mainly during autumn and early winter. Some of them are highly prized and much sought-after, edible mushrroms like Caesar's mushroom (Amanita caesarea), king bolete (Boletus edulis), bronz bolete (Boletus aereus), parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota procera) and many others.

We regularly organise mushroom hunts followed by a tasting session where participants have also the opportunity to be involved in the cooking of the mushrooms. This activity is led by the best mushroom-hunters of Ikaria.

Every year we train people to find and identify wild mushrooms. We get a great satisfaction when training city people and we feel their great joy as they discover the exceptional mushroom foraging in the wild. Concerning our environmental policy we follow international protocols for the protection of wild mushrooms during our activities.

Come and join the hunt!

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