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Discover Ikaria offers themed activities which can be mixed by you the way you like. All our activities are organized, coordinated and supported by carefully chosen local professionals in every area, such as mountain guides, farmers, beekeepers, winemakers, handicraftsmen, and trainers who believe in green tourism.


Our activities are designed in a way that our guests can experience both the natural beauties and the cultural uniqueness of Ikaria. Far from industrial and fast-paced tourism we focus on creating active holidays in line with the rhythm of the island. During your stay we will take you both to the well-known and hidden sites of Ikaria so you can truly experience the myth. 


The groups and the programs are formed according to the preferences of participants this way we can provide you with a tailor-made adventure. 



Holidays in Ikaria tailor-made tours
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Ikaria Beach tour Seychelles
Hiking in Ikaria guided tours
Ikaria tour - Culture Theoktistis
Antipirate Home
Guided hike Ikaria Raxounia
Harvest in Ikaria
Wild flower in Ikaria
Ikaria honey tasting
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Hiking in Ikaria - Karkinagri
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Discover Ikaria offers full packages which include the following:

Planning and organizing each travel program according to the preferences of participants 




Experienced and specialized local guides (Certified Interpretive Guide - CIG)


Meals (breakfast, snack, dinner) in chosen restaurants adjusted for vegetarians as well


Alternative tourism activities in line with the preferences and interests of guests


Local transportation (buses, mini buses and cars) and rental advice 


Information about ferry and airplane tickets to and from Ikaria

Activities for children on demand (exploring nature, theatrical play, storytelling, treasure hunt in mountainous footpaths, hip-hop dance) in cooperation with experienced educators

Please note that we don't offer transportation and accomodation services seperately. These two services are available on demand when choosing Discover Ikaria activitities. However if you already have a lodging and tranfer organized for you on the island privately, you are still free to join our activitites or running programs.

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The prices of the activities may vary according to the season and the number of participants. To get the most accurate quote now, please follow the link and fill out the form provided!




  • discounts are available for bigger groups

  • discounts are available for children under the age of 12

  • one-day activities and multi-day activities are both available



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