Find out the secrets of making natural soaps

Do you like natural products, handicrafts and gardening? How about the combination of all of them? Then this workshop is for you!


Growing your own


Ikaria provides the perfect environment for creating natural products given its rich nature and the way of thinking of its people. Almost all Icarians have their own field or kitchen garden where they grow seasonal produce. This is very beneficial for their health for two reasons: on one hand they provide locally grown food on their table and on the other hand they have their daily exercise as we all know that plants need a lot of care and attention. And Icarians love their plants.


Using local ingredients


The island offers a great variety of herbs, flowers, fruits and berries throughout the whole year. These valuable produce combined with local olive oil and goat milk serve as perfect ingredients for soaps and creams. What’s more by adding essential oils one can easily improve their healing properties.  


Soap lab in the heart of Ikaria


Were you always wondering how soaps and creams are made in a natural way? Are you curious about the ingredients that are used and how to prepare them? Now you have the opportunity to visit a local soap lab in the heart of Ikaria and get an introduction from a lovely lady who created SYNEMPE natural soaps. All the soaps have an olive oil base and they are only flavoured with essential oils, without any preservatives or synthetic fragrances. The soaps are made by cold processing, so oils do not exceed 30-35 °C thus keeping all their valuable properties.

Discovering the secrets of soap making


During this workshop you will have the chance to visit the garden next to the soap lab where many raw materials are coming from. You will observe, touch and smell the plants that grow in the season, have an understanding of the ways they are used and their properties. Shortly after you will visit the soap lab where you will get a further introduction of the ingredients for soap making and go over the procedure itself in theory. Then comes the most exciting part: to create your own soap or cream – it’s up to you. We use seasonal plants to make soaps with different properties. The soap made with aloe and prickly pear is ideal for hydration, the one with goat milk, chamomile and calendula is great for sensitive skin, the one with tee tree oil and lavender has antiseptic properties.


The nature of Ikaria generously offers many produce that we respectfully accept and which we can transform into respect and love towards our own body.

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