Mountain biking and road cycling

Biking in Ikaria and cycling in Ikaria

If you have decided to discover the beautiful landscapes, hidden villages and beaches of Ikaria on two wheels, you came to the right place. The island has many mountain paths and dirt roads that lead through dense forests, rocky plateaus and picturesque villages. These are ideal for mountain biking uphill and downhill alike depending on your preference. On the other hand coastal roads create perfect scenery for those who enjoy cycling on curvy roads by the sea with optional stopovers at scenic beaches. 

We offer to organize one-day and multi-day cycling programs all year round for smaller and bigger groups alike. These programs are completely custom-made and we make sure that they suit your level of experience and the desired level of difficulty. 


Ikaria is a beautiful island the explore by bicycle during the whole year, however we recommend you to schedule your visit rather for the months of spring when the nature is in full bloom and the weather conditions are most ideal. 

The guides of the biking tours of Discover Ikaria have 15 years of experience cycling on the curvy Ikarian trails and they will make sure that you are safe and enjoy the ride at all times. 

Grab your helmet and let's meet in Ikaria! 

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