Introduction to beekeeping and honey harvest

Honey boxes in Icaria

Ikaria is famous for its high quality honey and the healing qualities it possesses. Local honey is proved to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties all of which probably contributes to the long life-expectancy and lack of certain diseases among the people living on the island. Ikaria provides a unique environment for the bees to feed off different trees, bushes and plants all growing wild without any human input thus the honey is 100% natural and pure, free of pesticides and other chemicals. Bees collect nectar throughout the year from unique sources such as spring and fall white heather tree, Greek strawberry tree, wild lavender, pine trees, thyme and oregano. All these produce honey of different special properties such as colour, consistency, flavor and inner qualities.   

Beekeeper in Ikaria

Short or longer walks and excursions to visit local beekeepers gives an insight into beekeeping and the equipment needed to harvest honey. You can learn more about bees and the honey production process, along with how to interpret the right environment for them to thrive. This activity takes you through the key steps to get know bees, their lifecycle, their role in nature and the rich flora of Ikaria which offers different varieties of honey some of them unique around the world like pine and autumn heather honey.


We cooperate with local beekeepers some of which have about six decades of experience in beekeeping. Visiting different sites on the island, according to season we experience an introductive sharing knowledge trip to the world of the bees.

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