Guided hiking and trekking tours in Ikaria

Hiking in Ikaria - guided tours

Discover Ikaria offers guided hiking and trekking outdoor recreational activities through the unique landscape of Ikaria all year round. Our local nature guides are specialized in the interpretation of natural and historical heritage and are excited to show you the rich nature of the island. Only a few places in the Aegean can claim such a diversity of wild and primeval beauty like Ikaria. 

Due to the dense system of trails there are several hiking and trekking tours we can take which lead through astonishing range of habitats from sea shore to the mountain tops including: ancient paths and trails, stone paved mule trucks, riverbeds, gorges, varied forests, valleys, fresh water streams and other exceptional landscapes and eco-habitats.

Guided hiking and trekking tours for all levels


Our guided hiking and trekking tours are planned in such a way so that they cover everybody's interest for the nature, the history and the landscape of Ikaria featuring the most beautiful routes and areas of the island. We offer guiding to smaller and bigger groups and to individuals alike.  

Difficulty levels

Grade A - Easy Hiking: For anyone who has a basic physical fitness hiking experience is not necessary. We walk on dirt roads or well-maintained rocky footpaths. The trip will contain also rest days and optional walks in Ikaria. 


Grade B - Moderate Hiking: This type of hike offers a moderate trek with a maximum of 6 hours of walk on rocky footpaths. Sometimes we cross streams in the gorges, we walk on the coast on sand and shingles for short distances. Participants should be in a good physical condition with a little bit of hiking experience. 
Grade C - Strenuous/Challenging Trekking: The hikes offer a demanding trek with a maximum of 8 to 10 hours of walk. Participants need to be in good physical condition with experience, since we walk on rocky footpaths on the big mountains and remote terrains. 

Guided hiking tours in Ikaria island
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Self-guided hiking and trekking in Ikaria

Self guided tours allow you to do your hike at your own pace and without the presence of a mountain guide. Discover Ikaria Team is happy to assist you with providing you advice on the routes, your accommodation, luggage transportation, meals, your transfer from and to the start/end point of the hike. Furthermore we support your tour with maps of the area you wish to visit with detailed information about the trails, history, geography, flora and fauna.

Please note that this type of program is only recommended for people who have previous experience with individual tours on a similar terrain and/or have extended experience as hikers, know how to read a map and are able to navigate themselves.

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