Harvesting local produce

Ikaria's nature and farms offer a great variety of wild greens, herbs, berries and nuts through the whole year. 


From autumn to late spring locals forage more than 40 edible greens from the seashore to the higher altitudes. During autumn and spring the earth and the plentiful waters give boost to a number of edible shoots and wild greens to grow. Τhere are various sow thistles, wild asparagus tips, terebinth, and rock samphire by the shore, taraxacum species, stinging nettles, chicory, wild radish, sorrel, Mediterranean hartwort, fennel, wild carrot, wild leek and many more that make their appearance.

In May and June, oregano, savory and thyme are maturing and St John's wort, hawthorn and elderberry are in bloom. Early cherries, sour cherries and greengages can be found in the orchards.

July and August are the months when wild fruits are plentiful. Plums of all sizes and colours, prickly pears, juicy pears, peaches, colourful greengages, apricots, white and black figs in the orchards and wild berries growing along fences, paths and beaches. We make the most of this season's abundance to prepare jams, syrups, dry fruits and liqueurs.

We also gather aromatic and pharmaceutical plants either in the wild or by visiting local farms. Ikaria hosts a big variety of medicinal plants of high quality due to its soil and microclimate like oregano, sage and rock samphire.

September and October are the season for harvesting olives, apples, pears, grapes, persimmons and quinces from the orchards, and walnuts and chestnuts from the forests.

But even in November and December Ikaria has something to offer like mushrooms, oranges, lemons, clementines and the fruits of strawberry trees and myrtles.

This four season food experience links you with nutritional and culinary wisdom of Ikaria.

  • Please consult us for more information to find out exactly which kind of harvesting activities are available upon your planned visit. 

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