Greek dance lessons

There are over 4000 traditional dances in Greece and every region developed its own choreography and style to fit with their own ways. These dances have a social function above all since they bring the people of the community together. Greek people dance at weddings, religious events and festivals (panigiria) that are held during the year.


During our dance lessons you can have an introduction to the traditional dance of Ikaria, the Ikariotikos, dances from Crete, Minor Asia and the Aegean Islands. 


Dances of the Aegean Islands


Ikariotikos Is first danced with the arms in the basket weave hold then as the dance speeds up it is danced by the hand hold on the shoulders. There are three parts to the dance, first starting out slowly and generally speeding up. The accompanying song of Ikariotikos is played several times during the festivals in Ikaria and is danced by hundreds of people forming a great circle.


Syrtos is one of the most popular traditional dances around Greece and has many variations. During our lessons we will teach you the one that is danced around the islands of the Aegean. Syrtos is line dance and circle dance, done with the dancers in a curving line holding hands, facing right. The dancer at the right end of the line is the leader. He may also be a solo performer, improvising showy twisting skillful moves as the rest of the line does the basic step..


Ballos (from the word "ballizo" meaning to dance, to jump) is a couples' dance that incorporates all the elements of courtship: attraction, flirtation, pursuit and rejection followed by eventual capture and surrender. The melody of a ballos is generally joyous and lyrical which is typical of the music of the Aegean Islands.


Dances of Crete


Syrtos Haniotikos is a slow dance from Crete the movements of which are calm, sober and gentle. They constitute the respite before the battle, the resting of the soul, and calming of thoughts.


Maleviziotis is a swift and enthusiastic dance from Crete. It is circularly danced with hands holding from the palms in the height of the shoulders and the elbows bent.


Pentozalis is the trademark folk dance of Crete and it takes its name from the five basic steps. It is a vigorous war dance with jumping movements and has a very fast pace.  


Dances of Minor Asia


Aptalikos is a war dance which is danced by one or two people. This dance has a slow pace, the dancers are particularly flexed forward, shoulders forward with arms at shoulder height, elbows bent. Each dancer has their own moves, its own steps, his own stunts and dancing in whatever way he wants, as long as it can externalize mental feelings and to speak with the moves that he makes.


Hasapiko (butcher's dance)is originated in the middle ages in Constantinople, today Istanbul. It mimes battle and was danced with swords. Hasaposervikos is a fast butcher's dance.


  • lessons are ideal for all levels

  • the minimum number of participants is 7, the maximum is 20 people

  • the duration of dance lessons is 2-3 hours/day

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