Gastronomy and longevity tour Ikaria

Gastronomy and longevity tour of Ikaria


One of the reasons of Ikarians living longer lives than average is food without doubt. The island offers a great variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs all year around. Ikarians have their own gardens, tend their plants and prepare their meals from these fresh produce on an every-day basis. People of the island live on a mainly plant-based diet, which consists of beans, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts. More than 40 types of edible greens can be found on Ikaria which can be a part of a fresh salad or a pie with wild greens.. Many herbs are harvested during the year with various healing properties and they are most likely to be put in herb teas which are an essential drink against cold and other diseases. Ikaria is also famous for its high-quality honey and the healing qualities it possesses. Local honey is proved to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties all of which probably contributes to the long life-expectancy and lack of certain diseases among the people living on the island. 

Program description

During our gastronomy tour we will observe and experience how strongly Ikaria's culture is connected to nature, agriculture and food. We will start our day at a local beekeeper where we will learn about the health benefits of Ikarian honey and taste several local varieties. After we visit an organic garden where we will get familiar with the local farming techniques, the plants and herbs used in Ikarian cooking and pick up some fresh ingredients that we will use later on. Then we drive to the location of our cooking lesson during which we will prepare 3 traditional dishes using the fresh ingredients that we picked before and other fresh produce in season. Among the dishes on the menu you will find a main dish with fresh vegetables, small pies with greens, a salad and other surprises. We put on our aprons and learn about cooking and baking methods and other important tricks.


At the end of the lesson we will enjoy the meal together, accompanied by Ikarian wine. Needless to say you can take the recipes home with you and we encourage you to prepare them to your loved ones on other occasions also. 

Tasting Ikarian honey - anama
Plants in Ikaria - St. John's wort
Picking up fresh produce in Ikaria
Tomatoes in the organic garden
Herbs of Ikaria - oregano
Fresh vegetables for the clooking
Cooking Ikarian soufiko
Preparing pitarakia with greens
Greek pie with greens
Various Ikarian appetizers

Reasons for joining

The "Gastronomy and longevity tour of Ikaria" is an ideal choice for food lovers as it presents the strong connection of the locals with nature, agriculture and food. Prepare your taste buds for experiencing real flavours created by mother nature and unlock several secrets of longevity of the Ikarians.    


The tour includes:

  • a visit to a local beekeeper and tasting of several honey varieties

  • an organic garden visit where you get familiar with the plants and herbs grown in Ikaria

  • a cooking lesson with 3 traditional dishes

  • a meal with 3 dishes and Ikarian wine

Important notice:

  • Let us know if you have any food allergies beforehand or if there are any ingredients that you simply cannot eat..

  • This class is suitable for vegetarians.

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