Learn about the culture of Ikaria during a cultural tour

Theoktistis Monastery and Theoskepasti Chapel Ikaria

The history of Ikaria dates back to 9000 BC and researchers have found traces of human presence and civilization from different periods starting from the Neolithic period until later antiquity and modern times. These findings are displayed all over the island at the museums of the island with various objects of Neolithic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and modern periods.

In the archeological museums one can observe Neolithic tools, pottery vessels, clay statuettes, columns, coins, and carved headstones. The folklore museums of the island aim to preserve and promote Ikarian folklore, traditions and customs. The exhibit items include dresses, textiles, household articles, pottery, agriculture and trade tools and instruments, photos, and documents. One of the most interesting ones is the flag of the Free State of Ikaria from 1912.


During our cultural tour we are taking short walks to visit archaeological sites, towers, anti-pirate homes, old stone houses, monasteries and museums.

Theoskepasti fresco Ikaria
Winery visit Ikaria cultural tour
Archaeological Museum Agios Kyrikos
Theoktistis Monastery Ikaria
Folklore Museum Vrakades
Winery visit Ikaria Afianes

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