Blue Zone Ikaria: The island where people forgot to die

Recently special attention was brought to Ikaria when it has been included in the National Geographic's "Blue Zones" list. During a 10-year survey researchers identified five areas of the world with the highest longevity indicator worldwide and where people are very likely reach the 100 year age. What is even more important is that residents of these areas have a good quality of life. They are free from many diseases people living in western cultures suffer from (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes etc.). The centenarians of Ikaria are a good example for everyone who is looking for the secrets of a long and healthy life.

Blue Zone Ikaria National Geographic

Watch this interesting video with National Geographic fellow, Dan Buettner who has made interviews and research with 100-years-old local residents of Ikaria to find out about their secret of longevity.

The secrets of longevity

According to researchers the main factors of Ikarians living a longer healthy life than the average population of the world are the following:


  • they follow a mainly plant-based diet, which consists of a lot of beans, whole grains and nuts


  • they drink local red wine and many Ikarians claim that it makes them stronger


  • residents collect wild greens and herbs from nature and make their own tea


  • there are several thermal springs on the island with a relatively high radium content


  • islanders live a very active social life and have strong social ties, leaving no generation excluded


  • fiestas are held throughout the year where people get together dance and share good times

Would you like to find out more about longevity yourself?

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