Beach hopping tour by boat on the south side of Ikaria

Seychelles beach Ikaria Island

The first colour that comes to people's minds when they are asked about Greece is the wonderful shades of blue of the sea. The deep blue and turquoise water surrounding the island and its versatile landscapes provide a unique bathing experience and those who keep an open eye can spot many many beaches by the shores. The island has more than 30 beaches; some of them can be accessed quite easily, others require some effort - needless to say that it's totally worth it. There are also a few which are very well-hidden or so tiny that they cannot even be seen from the road and their exact location is only known by the locals. 

The beauty of the more isolated and private beaches is that they offer a pure natural experience lacking any kind of human intervention. Here you can find peace, privacy and relaxation..

If you are a beach lover yourself we invite you to discover the beautiful beaches of Ikaria Island by boat with the help of our local guides! Join us on our beach hopping tours during which we set anchor at several secluded beaches on the south side of Ikaria where we have refreshing baths, observe scenic marine landscapes from our boat and enjoy the beautiful colours and crystal clear water of the Ikarian Sea. 

Seychelles beach hopping tour Ikaria
Ikaria beach tour - secluded beaches
Beach tour in Ikaria by boat
Seychelles beach tour Ikaria
Boat tour Seychelles beach Ikaria
Ikaria beach hopping tour

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