Activity categories

Discover Ikaria offers various thematic activities which introduce you to different aspects of the island. These activities can be chosen, paired and mixed by you the way you like thus making it possible for you to create a tailor-made holiday that fits your needs.


Are you interested only in hiking? Then we will provide you with a hiking program that fits your level and will take you to the most beautiful and interesting parts of Ikaria so you can discover its forests, mountains, rivers, flora and fauna.


Do you like gastronomy, cycling and dancing? Our team will take you on a culinary tour where you can taste Ikarian dishes and products, we will show you great paths for biking and then go to a village festival together where we will sure have a wonderful time while listening to live music and dancing.     


Discover Ikaria Team is continuously working on new ideas so that we can include interesting, new activities into our programs. Keep an open eye because Ikaria has always something to offer in each season! 

The activities of Discover Ikaria fall under seven categories



Mountain programs in Ikaria
Eco-programs and activities in Ikaria


Wellness in Ikaria


Gastro programs and activities in Ikaria




Water programs and activities in Ikaria

harvesting local products (grapes, olives, mushrooms etc.), organic gardening, introduction to wine production, introduction to beekeeping and honey harvest

one-day and multi-day hiking and trekking trips for all levels, mountain biking and road cycling, horse riding lessons and tours, bouldering 

taking botanical walks, visiting rivers, waterfalls, getting aquainted with the flora and fauna of the island, taking pictures

visiting hot springs and thermal spas, massage therapy, yoga and meditation lessons

tasting local products and dishes, participating in traditional cooking course with Ikarian and Greek dishes, wine tasting and winery visit

surfing and paddleboarding (lessons and rental), beach tours, boat excursions

visiting archeological sites, museums, towers, traditional stone houses, attending village feasts, Greek dance lesson, pottery workshop